Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Kenyan Thanksgiving.

For the second year in a row I was able to experience Thanksgiving in another country. Last year we were on our motorcycle trip and spent Thanksgiving day touring the Mayan ruins at Tikal in Guatemala. It is obviously very different being in a country where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, but at the same time knowing that all of your friends and family are celebrating one of the truly greatest holidays ever established. My Thanksgiving day wasn't really any different than any other day. I went to the Center as usual, although I did come home a little bit earlier just for the sake of having somewhat of a day to celebrate. While at the Center I led a discussion on Thanksgiving with one of the groups of students. I told them all about the holiday and why we celebrate it and then I had each of them share what it is they are thankful for. It was really neat to hear what each of them had to share. That evening I was able to skype with my family, grandparents, and some of my cousins who were all at my parent's place to celebrate. It was really good to see all of their faces and hear there voices again. Unfortunately there was no big meal, for lunch I had to settle for grilled cheese....haha. On Monday night I did get to have a nice big Thanksgiving meal with my neighbors and some other friends. I really enjoyed the time to be together and share with each other what we are thankful for and how God has blessed us over the past year.

On Wednesday I started coaching at Rosslyn. I thought overall the first day went pretty well, but there is certainly a lot of work to be done. I'm coaching with another girl who is a little younger than me and her mom. We have about 35 boys that we are working with, which can be a challenge in itself let alone trying to help them improve their game. I'm looking forward to the challenge though and being able to get to know each of them. I know this blog is lacking in pictures so I'll try to get some taken at practice this week, so you can see what I'm doing there.

Random thoughts:
 - I bought Kellog's "Frosties" yesterday, which are the U.K.'s version of Frosted Flakes. They were super expensive, but I didn't care, I just wanted to eat some Kellog's cereal. I had some this morning and the first bite brought me instant happiness and I thought to myself, "this is how cereal is supposed to taste".
 - My shout out to Liberty last week obviously didn't help and once again our season ended in disappointment. Oh well, we'll try again next year.
 - I'm learning to not take for granted electricity. It usually goes out a handful of times a week and last weekend it went out for a good 24 hours. It seems that every time it rains hard, it knocks out the power and lately it has been raining a lot.
 - Speaking of rain, when it starts to pour here the roads have water rushing all over them within minutes. The whole drainage system here isn't exactly what it needs to be.
 - I'm starting to play a lot of sudoku again. There is just something really addicting about that game
 - Last Sunday there was a fundraiser lunch at the Thai embassy for the flood victims in Thailand. I've never eaten much Thai food, but after eating a considerable amount of food there I'm now in love with Thai food. I now want to go to Thailand if nothing else just to eat the food.

That's enough for random thoughts. I hope everyone had a a blessed Thanksgiving and has a great week.

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  1. Like you we had a rather normal day on Thanksgiving Day, but especially enjoyed the frequent phone calls to hear what the family was experiencing. We so appreciate what your family did to make our children's Thanksgiving a great time. Praying for you, Phyllis and Galen