Friday, November 4, 2011

Motorcycling in Kenya!

Big news this week, at least for me it is....I've gained access to a motorcycle! I haven't exactly ridden or even seen the bike yet, but it seems pretty certain that I'll be cruising the Nairobi streets on two wheels very soon. I've certainly missed riding my bike, and while this bike won't be like mine, it will serve my need to ride just fine.

Now that I've filled you in on the big news, let me recap what else has happened recently. Thankfully things have remained calm here since the two grenade attacks last week. However, I don't think this means that the danger of a major terrorist attack has passed. On Wednesday, I met with the athletic director at Rosslyn Academy, which is an international school here, to discuss the possibility of coaching one of their middle school basketball teams. They are very much in need of coaches, so it looks like I'll get my first opportunity to do some coaching. I will start later this month and go there two days a week to start and beginning in January I'll be going three days a week. I'm excited for the opportunity to get connected at the school and be able to connect with the boys and hopefully be able to have an impact on their lives. I will still be going to Eastleigh, but on the days I go to Rosslyn I will have to leave a little bit early from the center.

As what usually happens when you spend more and more time with people, my relationships at the center continue to get better. I think this was my favorite week of working with the English students. Yesterday one of the girls brought me some Somali anjera and some stew. Anjera, at least Somali anjera, looks like a thin, porous pancake. I had told her that I wanted to try some so I could compare it to Ethiopian anjera, and to my delight she obliged. Both are good, but I think I like the Somali version a little bit more. On Monday, one of the English groups is going to an animal orphanage for a little field trip. I'm excited to go along with them and be able to interact in a setting that is different than the classroom. I'll be sure to take pictures and post them next week.

Now for those of you in cold weather locations and have already been hit with snow, let me offer my condolences. I've been having to deal with temperatures that occasionally dip into the upper 50s at night and if it gets really hot will reach 83 or 84 during the day. It has been raining more lately, so it isn't quite perfect all the time. So while most of you are putting on more layers, I'm putting on more sunblock to avoid getting burnt.


  1. Hey Dwayne!
    Great to talk with you last weekend! I realized I was hogging the conversation, hence our disappearing act. We really did have to leave actually! thrilled to hear of your experiences. You're doing an excellent job of keeping us up to date on your life. Would love to spend a few days with you. Shalom as you go! al & ada

  2. Al & Ada
    Your more than welcome to come over! I'd be glad to show you around.